MT4 Trade Manager
Download your copy of MT4 Trade Manager V.2.2.1 here:

MT4 Intraday Trade Manager AUDUSD H1 MT4 Intraday Trade Manager MT4 Intraday Trade Manager GBPUSD M1

MT4 Intraday Trade Manager script is a standalone, fast executing MT4 script which allows you to easily manage your trade orders such as Market Buy or Market Sell orders, Buy or Sell Stop orders, modify your Stop Loss and Profit Target level, cover your positions with Stop Loss to Break Even point, use Trailing Stop Loss, etc.

Also, it features very sophisticated yet easy-to-use and accurate Money Management which allows you to use tailored Money Management method best matching to your trading style or to your trading strategy.

Simply, it is a must have, ultimate trading tool for real Forex traders.

It was purpose built to make profit.



Yes  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible (both 32 and 64 bit version)
Yes  MAC version is also available
Yes  Works with all major brokers (MT4 trading platform)
Yes  Works with both DEMO and LIVE accounts
Yes  Easy, 1 min installation
Yes  Customizable user interface
Yes  One click order management
Yes  Exceptionally fast trade execution     
Yes  Precise Money Management calculation                     
Yes  Easy, logical operation
Yes  Non-invasive layout
Yes  Double click protection
Yes  Advanced Money Management options:
           Based on Balance Risk %
           Based on Equity Risk %
           Based on standard LOT size
Yes  Calculates the position size dynamically for each trade separately
Yes  Uses whole lots, mini lots and micro lots, as well
Yes  Minimum Margin Available Monitor
Yes  Insufficient Money warning
Yes  Capital Protection:
           Forced Stop Loss order
           Stop Loss to Break Even
           Trailing Stop Loss
Yes  Automatic Profit Target
Yes  Favourable Risk Reward Ratio
Yes  Slippage Protection
Yes  Sound alarm for pending orders being executed
Yes  Sound alarm for Stop Loss and Profit Target
Yes  'Flickering free' buttons

Yes  Works on multiple computers (with the same account)
Yes  Works on multiple windows (at the same time)
Yes  Works with multiple strategies (at the same time)
Yes  Works with multiple currency pairs (at the same time)
Yes  Works with multiple positions (at the same time)
Yes  Forex Market (Foreign Exchange Market)
Yes  CFD’s (shares, futures, indices)
Yes  Commodities (including Oil, Gold, Silver)
Yes  Automatic Broker Detection

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